Why am I doing what I'm doing?

I ask myself this all the time. Annoying? Well, yes—sometimes it is, even painfully so. But I would rather live an examined life than an unexamined one. This is why I write and, ultimately, this is why I practice yoga.

In addition to writing and practicing yoga, I love to travel. I’ve explored a lot of places—from Buenos Aires to Berlin, Budapest to Boston and beyond. I am a music nerd who gladly spends all her excess cash on concert tickets. 



I’m not a niche writer or a traditional journalist. I write about anything that evokes my curiosity, which means I write about lots of things—fashion, beauty, music, food, art, design. 

Right now, I’m working with Wandering in the Words Press on my debut novel. My writing has been featured in PasteClickBustRelishNative, Fashionista.com, Nashville ArtsNashville LifestylesStyleBlueprintNumber,  Southern Arts Journal, Fahrenheit and the San Diego Troubadour


I attended my first yoga class in 2000 upon the recommendation of a college advisor who had just completed a yoga teacher-training program. Next came years of practice where I didn’t show up for weeks and months at a time. But I was hooked—smitten—even though the practice was not easy, and all my “ego stuff” was starting to shine through. Now a certified yoga instructor since 2010, I am excited to be sharing my passion for yoga with others. I teach hatha, basics and vinyasa classes and continue to study from a variety of teachers both locally and nationally.